Are Cows Safe? Welcome to the World of GMO Bulls

Are Cows Safe?  Welcome to the World of GMO Bulls

GMO Bulls Now A Reality!

Due to genetic selection and experiments, the Belgian Blue is a humongous species of GMO induced Bull, packed with muscles and meat. What is hidden from the general public, is the fact that these Bulls are Genetically Modified. Their uninhibited muscle growth presents a lot of health hazards, calves can develop enlarged tongues and stiff legs which make it difficult for them to eat and move, leading to an early and painful death. GMOs continue to infiltrate our grocery stores and still don’t require any special labelling!

Remember you are what you eat!  Whatever energy that was harnessed in your food is transferred to you.  Ever wonder why you feel frustrated, angry, sore muscles, headaches, and have multiple health problems?  Well it is likely being caused by the consumption of animals that have been systematically tortured before they are fed to you.


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Posted on January 11, 2014 in Get Healthy, Health & Wellness, Natural Health, What is GMO?

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