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If You Still Think the Triangle is a Satanic Illuminati Symbol…You Need to See This Video!

Sacred geometry was preserved throughout history in Freemasonic circles since it was believed to be important knowledge revealing the secrets of our universe. The secret of sacred geometry is that vibrations (sounds) form on geometrical patterns. Goethe reputedly said that indeed “geometry is frozen music”. Music is geometry and geometry is music! The basis of…

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Have You Noticed That More People Than Ever Are Addicted to Pharmaceuticals? Here’s Why!

Have you noticed that over the past 25 years or so that more and more people (both adults and kids) are taking all types of medications to treat themselves over a variety of perceived ailments? From flouride in our water, ADHD drugs to our kids, prozac to us…we are being medicated by the powers that…

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Things Don’t Get Better In Your Life Until You Learn to Get Happy!

You can only fully create the life you desire, when you start to FEEL GOOD! Happiness,joy, and gratitude is tied to creation…it is manifestation energy in motion! Watch this video of the talented students from the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir sing about why and how they are happy!! Make sure to clap…

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Oprah Talks About How She Used the Law of Attraction to Create Her Ideal Life

You are a creative being and the experiences of your life are merely reflections of your primary vibration. So many people have feelings and thoughts of lack and limitation and they cannot understand why their lives are perpetually stuck. Listen to how she used law of attraction principles of focusing on what you desire and…

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EarthCandy Arts – Happy Anni-RAW-sary Cheesecake: Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

I just discovered this sister named Jamila Crawford and her website  I am loving her! She is a Vegan Chef extraordinaire, Fashion Designer and Master in Domestic Arts.  She is that perfect demonstration on how living a holistic lifestyle can be ever so fly… Check out the video below for the yummy gluten free,…

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How to Create Your Own Opportunities: Wisdom from Tyrese

I just got hip to Tyrese Gibson’s inspirational Facebook posts.  I have always loved him as an actor and entertainer but even more so now after checking out what he is doing. In this video, Tyrese talks about how to create your own opportunities, how to brush off haters, get focused and accomplish the things…

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mango pancakes

Vegan Recipe of the Week: Mango Lime Pancakes with Ginger & Coconut.

I love tinkering with pancake (and waffle) recipes – and that’s because Sunday morning breakfast is hands down my favorite meal of the week. These are absolutely delicious with nothing on them – and for someone who loves to load her ‘cakes with nut butter, slices of banana and hemp seeds – that’s saying a…

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How Your Thoughts & Words Affect Your Body: Are you Making Yourself Sick?

Do you know that the flow of YOUR INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS & THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF PEOPLE AROUND YOU – can be the source of MAKING YOU PHYSICALLY SICK? Science has uncovered that our world around us is made up of vibrational energy that calls forth a physical manifestation of our primary vibration. Simply stated, if you…

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pistachio ice cream

Vegan Recipe of the Week: How to Make Coconut Milk Ice Cream in 3 Flavors!

Changing your mind entails changing your habits from things that may have been destructive to you and your well being – to things that fuel you and energize your life! I have made the decision to go vegetarian and then transition to veganism.  This is something that has been in my spirit since I was…

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Have You Ever Wondered About This Like I Have?

I noticed this as a young child, while I was being taught the bible in Sunday school…but somehow it always seemed to be glossed over.  What exactly does it mean in the bible when it says “Let us”?  Who is the presence of God speaking with? The Baal Shem Tov, founder of Hassidism, gives a…

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