Top 5 Foods That You MUST Buy Organic


Most of us don’t realize how many pesticides are in the food that we eat.  While we think we are doing right by loading up on fruits and vegetables – there are certain types of produce that are more susceptible to carrying loads of pesticides than others.  

The list below covers the top 5 types of foods that you should buy organic. 

Cherry Tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

A single serving of cherry tomatoes proved positive for 13 different pesticides in the most recent USDA tests. The waxy coating intended to keep supermarket types fresh also makes pesticides harder to wash off. Choose organic: You’ll bypass the pesticides and enjoy some extra heart-healthy phenolic compounds, according to studies. (For more information, go to




There’s a long list of tenacious insects and plant diseases that find peaches appealing, so conventional growers blast them with an equally long list of pesticides, according to USDA testing data. Ninety-eight percent of peaches tested positive for at least one chemical in the most recent analysis, so an organically grown peach is a worthy splurge.


Kale + Collard Greens


Go organic to keep your green smoothie clean. According to the Environmental Working Group, dark greens like kale and collards don’t meet criteria to rank among the 12 dirtiest, but certain pesticides that have been found on them, including some neurotoxins, are considered especially hazardous to children.




The star of your mise-en-place is also a poster child for pesticide abuse. It shows up regularly on the USDA’s monitoring database, the Pesticide Data Program, for a wide variety of residues, including some suspected endocrine disruptors. Play it safe and make your next stock with an organic stalk.




Coming soon to supermarkets: Arctic Granny and Arctic Golden, both genetically modified to prevent browning when cut, and the first GMO apples to gain USDA approval. Skip the Frankenfood and go organic. Conventionally grown apples top the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” of pesticide-laden offenders. And, no, according to studies, the chemicals don’t just wash off.

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Posted on June 22, 2015 in Get Healthy, Organic Food

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